Nothing holds you back more than your insecurities

Chaitanya : Self-Worth Postcard
Hannah Learns Hindi
A journey from frustration to a-ha! “If I had to skip any class it would be Hindi class. I would quit school if it meant no more Hindi class. The whole experience was never pleasant; Butterflies in my stomach before Hindi exam or waiting for my results, it was always scary.
But I’m glad to have the right people in my life. A lot of people encouraged me to never give up and instead, to learn to take it one step at a time. I did exactly that. It took me a while before getting comfortable with Hindi. With much guidance I’m now able to get through.”
Some victories are won with a slow and steady pace and accompanied by guiding mentors and a whole lot of preparation. As we grow, we tend or expect victory in a short span of time but a long-lasting victory is truly achieved over a period of time with much patience, guidance and preparation.