One Child at a Time @PUSH – Phase 1

The quarterly goal for term 2 at PUSH Trust was to focus on one individual child and help them deal with whatever challenges they were facing. The child chosen for this quarter was Peter.

Background: Peter is studying in the 8th standard at the local Government Boys Higher Secondary School. During previous programs it was seen that he has difficulties in studying, and feels very uncomfortable when asked to read or write. The program administrator had started working closely with Peter while doing Word Frames and Inside Out programs. By continuously motivating him and explaining smart ways of learning, there was some improvement with regard to participating in Hope Torch programs, although no change was seen in his academic performance.

The first initiative was hence for the program administrator to understand why exactly Peter found his studies challenging. To achieve this, the program administrator had several one-on-one sessions with Peter, as well as discussion with the home caretakers and tuition teacher. During these meetings, the child was very co-operative although shy and with a lack of awareness about himself. Some of the things he was found to be very interested in are sports and hunting. While he liked going to school, he was not very interested in studying, and barely knew the alphabet or numbers! The reason behind this was owing to very little personal attention being given to him by the school teachers in his class. Also, due to the government rule that no child could be failed in a class, he had progressed up to the 8th grade without a basic knowledge of reading or writing. He would need to be taught the basics again from scratch.

This was a positive phase of the quarterly goal, as the program administrator could rightly identify the challenges Peter was facing. The next initiative would be to implement a plan to deal with them.