One Child at a Time @PUSH – Phase 2

This quarter at PUSH Trust the goal focused on an individual child, Peter. During the second phase of this initiative, efforts were made to address the issues Peter was facing with his studies, which had been identified during phase 1.

Considering his situation, it was decided to teach Peter the basics of reading and writing from scratch. The Tuition teacher at the home was asked to give him more personal attention on a daily basis. The basics were taught using the Lowest 5 module of the Advanced Coaching program. The overall aim was to get him to a place where he could aim to catch up with his peers. Along with the coaching, the program administrator continued to have one-on-one sessions with Peter, as well as regular meetings with the tuition teacher to evaluate his progress. At the end of this phase though, Peter doesn’t appear to be more positive about his studies than before or even try to study when compared to other activities he’s involved in, like playing.  The work with Peter continues.