One Child at a Time @PUSH – Summary

During quarter 2 of the school term at PUSH Trust, we worked with Peter who is in 8th standard is really struggling with his education. Throughout the quarter, the program administrator tried different things to analyze his problem, the reasons behind it, and how to address it. Separate one-on-one sessions were conducted with Peter to increase his confidence and to help him feel more positive about his studies. The Tuition teacher gave him increased attention, and taught him the basics from scratch.

Over the entire quarter, it was observed the child is finding it hard to cope and really struggling to study. We felt that it is too late for us to expect him to catch up quickly, as he is in the 8th standard and still doesn’t know the alphabets and numbers well. We it is strongly believe its not Peter’s mistake as basically the child did not receive adequate attention either by the school nor at the home.  The education rule that prohibited children from being detained in a grade meant that he has reached the 8th standard without learning the basics. We have the responsibility of finding the best way for him to progress, and we need to work with Peter further to determine the suitable ways for his progress. The one-on-one sessions and focused tuition will continue to take place even in the next quarter.