One Child at a Time @Annai Illam – Phase 1

At Annai Illam this quarter, the goal was focused on helping a single child facing a particular issue. The child chosen from Annai Illam was Vignesh.

Background: Vignesh is in the 9th standard and finding it difficult to do well in school. The tuition teacher at the home brought this issue up to the program administrator and advised that Vignesh be kept back in the 9th standard another year, as he wouldn’t be able to face the board examinations coming up in the 10th standard. Vignesh was already one of our Inside Out kids with whom the program administrator had been working with to develop his interests and self-confidence. He is otherwise very creative and consistently takes part in all the Hope Torch programs

As a first initiative, the program administrator worked very closely with Vignesh to analyze why he has facing challenges learning his school subjects. The program administrator also spoke to the tuition teacher and encouraged him not to demotivate Vignesh, but to just encourage him and try to work on his learning patterns.

As Vignesh was already interacting with the program administrator in the Inside Out program, it was much easier for the program administrator to discuss his learning difficulties with him. Throughout the session Vignesh was very positive. At the end of the first phase, it was found that Vignesh’s foundation was not solid, something which wasn’t his fault. The next phase of this initiative would be to implement a strategy to deal with his difficulties.