Preeyanka – Failure demands Courage

Hope Torch : Cover Story

I’m Priyanka D’Silva, currently residing in Mangalore. I work as an IELTS Trainer.

During my teens, I was introduced to the world of adventure travel. Though I was smitten by the idea of riding a motorcycle, I was never sure if I could really do it.

Over the years, I kept trying over and over again whenever I found an opportunity to learn. Sometimes I felt the bike was too heavy for me to manage or sometimes my height was just not enough.

It took me seven years of trying after which I found the most suitable motorcycle for myself. I not only bought one but also started traveling long distances to different places. There was one thing I observed about myself over the years. Despite repeated failing over the years, I never felt disheartened. I always knew there was a next time, a next new opportunity.

I feel failures are in plenty, and it is important to face them. But it is more important to dream big and not let failures define you. One may reach their goal with time, but failures are what makes the journey worthwhile.