Questions on Insurance!

Home of Faith Boys : Education Programs

During the Word Frames program at the Home of Faith boys home, Parmesh’s topic on ‘Insurance’ raised a lot of questions from the kids. This led to an in-depth discussion for around 20 minutes. All kind of questions like ” Will the bike involved in the accident receive compensation without any insurance?“, “Will the entire amount required for repairing the bike be covered by insurance?“, ” Is insurance only for automobiles or for other things as well“, “If I don’t pay an installment, what happens to the previous premiums paid?” were asked and discussed. The kids involved ranged from 8 to 15 years of age (4th to 10th std), with also the younger kids actively participating in the discussion. Each question was allotted 1 extra mark, apart from their regular Word Frames score. A great example of a HopeTorch program kindling an interest in the kids, in the world around them!