Radiant Boys Recap for Oct-Dec 2017

Radiant Shema Boys : The Latest News

Working with these kids has been an amazing journey.

During the Word Frames programs, I have noticed the kids who had been challenged to produce quality frames have done some exceptionally great ones this quarter.

Sharing a story of Mr. Aditya who had been creative with his frames in using color sketches to design it. He was one of the kids who was only slightly engaged with HT programs.  Now, he is emerging this quarter.

Mathletics has really worked them out. I came across a few kids who had been excited but dropped off because of our proficiency levels. They keep complaining about one specific quiz, compounding to 125 and 250, which they struggled with. I could notice majority would rather not do problems if it stresses them.

Hidden Treasure came with one of the best themes, “Life is Beautiful”. I remember last quarter how the kids were disorganized and unwilling to participate.  This time it turned out to be their own little project with a bit of motivation and persistence. They conveyed the theme through a book which is worth a read. Some gave advices, others narrated past experiences.  It was clear they communicated the theme very well. However, I did realize that these kids could learn a lot from each other.

With all the exams coming up I don’t know how much time I will get o work on their reasoning skills.  Anyways, I’m looking forward to it.