Radiant Girls Recap for Oct-Dec 2017

Radiant Shema Girls : The Latest News

At Radiant Girls, since most of the girls are in the same age group, there were a lot of ego issues.  Groupism was very persistent. It was getting difficult to deal with because these things led to excuses and unwillingness to participate.

At times, I also felt like these kids are over burdened.  With their long school hours, devotion time, other extracurricular school work, tuitions and  so on, it was obvious to see the pressure in their faces.

So I accepted all their frustration and unwillingness.  I refocused HT projects to work on team building, embracing small happiness in the little things.

My only goal there was team building and breaking the existing groupism which existed among the girls. Quarterly goals really helped in doing so as through quarterly goal initiatives I was able to touch upon that.