Radiant Shema Recap – May 2019

Radiant Shema Boys : The Latest News

KYC- Know Your Children – Starts off with the kids entering into a new year 2019. In correspondence to the previous quarter, where the students engaged in problem solving, implementation, mindfulness, logical reasoning. This final quarter we facilitate the kids to self-reflect based on a substantial data from feedback, impact and transformation.


Hidden Treasure: –

It was a difficult run last quarter for many reasons, the kids could not implement the theme as planned, “To Always Be One Step Ahead”, based from the topic punctuality. Towards this quarter my focus with KYC was to let them self-reflect and come up with a solution to execute their project. Hence, they decided to change the audience and then try. They found it challenging again as the team could not get the required permission. With persistence, I helped them with the grant and to my skepticism it was a good execution. They were all organized, on time, the venue was clean with chairs, mike and water bottles. Moreover, to evaluate their own workshop, they framed a promissory note for the audience to see if they understood the theme.  I am astonished, personally was about to call it off, going through setbacks made it difficult to see if it is worth pursuing it. My take away is these kids look up to you, so don’t give up on them or their faith in you.


Mathletics: –

Uday and Theminghai are always complimenting each other to pass in Mathletics. Now, it has become a habit for them to correct their own sheets regardless of making mistakes, seeing their confidence has made me realize that they are willing try again and not lose hope. Subhod who is currently improving in his pace, finds division and other sums complexed. I have noticed he has bettered in his efforts and initiatives to pass, now a days he goes through his previous corrected sheets just before he receives a new one. I have also heard stories from Subhod that he understands a lot better when Theminghai teaches him Math. I am happy to see there is this sense of shared responsibility and understanding that has come because of relationships.


Advance Coaching: –

Have seen a gradual progress in each child from not taking tests to tests. Suhan, who usually does not engage much in tuition programs have been taking tests. I realized if we are not consistent with the child, the child too will not. This quarter the tuition teacher and I have been addressing some challenges, one of which is the schedule the kids follow at home. In order to create that balance we tried to build a relationship around the kid, caretaker and the tuition teacher. This relationship as worked for us, as some of the kids have become prudent in their thought and started to see the value in our programs. The key takeaway was to be consistent and child centered.


It’s been a great run for these boys. Some of them will be graduating this year Suhan, Aditya and Hameed, the very best to them. The Radiant Shema School has been very supportive this year, they had given us opportunity to do couple of programs with the students like “Clear the Boards”, career counseling and campaign workshops. Very grateful, we only hope to continue this relationship and get involved in the school in the coming academic year.