Refuge Foundation – April 2017 Re-cap

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When I joined Hope Torch in January 2017, I was thrilled to work with Refuge Home. I was introduced to the programs of Hope Torch and didn’t know how I would execute it. I was nervous not knowing if I was fully equipped but I took the courage of stepping out of my comfort zone while knowing that my colleagues were there to support me. The kids at Refuge were already aware of the programs like Word Frames, Mathletics, Hidden Treasure, Inside Out and Quarterly Goal as my predecessor did a great job the previous year. I guess it was for me to get a sneak peak of how these programs look like in reality. As I gave out the Mathletics sheets to the kids, the kid in me wanted to do it with them as I saw them enjoy do it in less than 3 minutes. Some passed while some didn’t. But it wasn’t about always passing because these sheets got tougher and there were times everyone would fail. Nonetheless, these kids didn’t lose their excitement and continued to be enthusiastic the following week.

Furthermore, for the word frames session they were divided in groups of 4. In addition, I had promised the winning team to take them to a place of their choice. They diligently worked hard and submitted their word frames every week. When asked how this program helps them, they responded saying they are able to retain information by rewriting key words over and over again. Moreover, when kids failed to submit their word frame on time, their teammates would encourage them to do it. It was great to see the team work.

Teamwork was also shown in the program Hidden Treasure. As these kids are of the Christian faith, they decided to talk about Indian Festivals including Hindu Festivals in light of their faith. I was astonished to see them come up with this idea. I often underestimate their intellect and creativity time and again. They made me realize of how much I underestimate them.

The kids were divided in groups of two where they each had a leader. One group focused on the drawings while the other team focused on the description of these festivals.  After couple of weeks of hard-work, they presented their project that made me smile with beaming pride.

I wrapped up the quarter by taking the winning team to Corner House ice cream parlour, where they stuffed themselves with the ice creams of their choice.