Save the Animals

Living Peace : Self-Worth Postcard
Save the Animals Postcard

In today’s world, where it’s all about fast network, faster food, quick access to anything and etc., we find it difficult to slow down. Anything that is slow, is boring and hence we hate the traffic in our cities. Racing off fast seems to be the trend today.

But in all of this, have we taken note of the number of animals that die on highways and busy roads?

I do not think most people are really aware of this issue at all.

So, in order to create awareness, a team of 15 kids from Sneha Home, Bangalore, got together, planned and designed an initiative called “Save The Animals”. And as a part of the initiative, 8 kids took time off to paint a wall on the street depicting the animal road kills.

The kids worked on this project as part of the Hidden Treasure program organized by Hope Torch. The objectives of this project to explore new ideas and create a sense of contribution towards the society were met. The kids were not only successful, but also created an awareness among the society.

The program admin, Anisha, expressed that she loved seeing the kids’ excitement while this project was underway. She further expressed that they worked day and night on the painting despite the fact that there were no street lights. Hence, they had to use other means of light to get the work done. The excitement shown by the kids toward the project, made Anisha believe in them even more.

All through this project the kids developed a sense of self-worth by being determined on completing the task given to them in the stipulated time frame. They focused on overcoming challenges that came their way and explored a lot of ideas on how to go about the campaign.

The kids did have some concerns such as– what would happen to the painting if it rained, or would people actually see and be inspired to follow its message?

However, despite these concerns in their head, they went ahead with the project which eventually became a grand success.