Save the Girl

PUSH Trust : Self-Worth Postcard

In an age where the status of a country is decided on how safe their female population is, a young girl named Deboki from PUSH Trust, Chennai, took it upon herself to create an artwork that depicted the challenges every young girl faces in the society – right from her birth till her death.


Deboki created the painting as a part of the Expresso program conducted by Hope Torch. Right to Express was the theme for the event in order to allow kids to share their personal points of view on issues that mattered to them. Through the process of introspection and a platform to publicly share their thoughts, kids discover their right to respect and dignity.


In the two years of working at PUSH Trust, Chennai, the program admin, Idhiyaraja, discovered that Deboki was a good artist. She was in 11th grade then. The program admin wanted to push her to take to the next level and motivated her to showcase her art.


Deboki took her time to plan and decide on the topic Save the Girl. The program admin was both happy and surprised. When asked why she chose this topic, Deboki replied that her art work expressed a part of herself.  “Every girl child has to be protected and needs to be given equal opportunities in the society.”


Deboki’s artwork used as a postcard to give Deboki a platform to have her voice heard in a cultural and political setting that is ripe for addressing issues of violence against women. Shalomie Tewes of SOTewes, who designed the postcards, recognized that, Save the Girl feels like a window into the private world of the artist, where dreams and reality and hopes for the future exist. The theme is very real and relevant, depicted in an aesthetic and compact composition of vibrant colours and emotion.”


We hope that the recipients of the postcard will recognize self-worth through the eyes of this child.