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KKC : Self-Worth Postcard
Gayathri Overcomes Her Fear of Public Speaking.
“I refused to participate in class activities and discussions. I dreaded being called upon even though I often knew the answers. I was a very shy child and extremely anxious around people I didn’t know well, especially in large groups.
I was caught in this vicious cycle of avoiding any kind of formal or informal speaking in public began. I was especially terrified of being called upon to read aloud. I would fake coughing or being sick to avoid any public speaking, but I knew all of this had to change.
My fears were turning into a phobia of public speaking when I experienced my first panic attack while standing up at the podium in front of the class. I would assume that my classmates were making fun of me, and were looking down on me. These emotions were intense: racing heart, sweating, shaking, difficulty breathing, and a complete loss of control.
I wanted to overcome it. I hated the panic that would set in. So, I sought help from my teachers and the Hope Torch Program Admin Ms. Saranya, I pushed myself during a Hope Torch Show and Tell event. I took that first step which leads to victory. I am nowhere close to perfect. My heart still pounds and I still feel like running away when I am called to speak. But now I know that I am one step closer to moving out of my comfort zone and facing my fears.” Unlike Gayathri, public speaking might be easy for you. But we each have our own insecurities which we tend to sweep under the rug. Instead of giving in to the fear, we must find the thing in life that we want more than the fear. Self-motivation will spur us to step beyond our insecurities.