Sneha Home Recap for Oct-Dec 2017

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The Sneha home kids were still struggling to gain clarity over the Programs.  They made huge progress with Word Frames.  Originally, they took it as a drawing, but gradually their word frames transformed into topic based knowledge framing.

In addition, their ability to formulate an effective plan for their Hidden Treasures project had for sure taken a step forward from the previous quarter. The Hidden Treasure, which they first took as simple arts and crafts, was now coming with the incredible idea of delivering a social message and reaching their community. For instance, the Hidden Treasure theme of “Save Animals from Exploitation” where kids wanted to give a message to society to be the generation who will end animal exploitation. Based on this theme they came up with the incredible idea of a street wall art campaign.  They decided on this strategy after a lot of brain storming on how the message could reach to maximum no’s. This Hidden Treasure project did so well that it is now a featured project in our SelfWorthPostcard campaign.

Save the Animals Postcard

Not just that, these kids also made a very swift improvement in their math’s skills, especially in their speed of math.  The kids who at first could not solve Matheltics in 3 minutes began submitting the quizzes before time and kids who were failing repeatedly were now passing in their third–fourth attempt. The no of attempt they needed was decreasing.

Inside out had really done a great job in building that relationship on a one-to-one basis with the kids. The three Inside Out kids last quarter had a lot to open up for themselves. They expressed all that was possible and the idea that their opinion, thoughts, and experiences are valued was meaningful to them.  Listening to them definitely helped as an icebreaker for all the future initiatives with these kids.