Sneha Recap – Oct 2019

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This quarter started with a big change. A shift from PA – Anisha to PA – Clyde. And the shift was a major one for the kids also. I could notice that over the past years the kids had grown fond and comfortable to Anisha. But the shift to me was for the good too. The entire lot of kids at the home are new kids And this has helped me establish a friend-like connection with every kid.

The kids have been recently enjoying the programs, especially this one particular group of the home – Arvind and his team. They’ve been constantly excited about the WordFrames no matter if it is a group submission or a individual submissions.

Usually working with a home with 20 kids and above can be a lot, but I find it a joy because all these kids have a smile and a welcoming heart towards every new person who comes, including our interns.

There also was a lot bought into bringing each kid to do better at the Mathletics. Over the past 3 months, a growth in their behavior is noticed. Also the way of communicating to each other used to only be in the regional language and now there is more of English involved in the discussions.

Following are some things that we saw we did well and the things could’ve gone well:-


Things That Went Well:

  • Mathletics (growing substantially)
  • WordFrame Participations
  • Their interest and communication with the interns
  • Continuous interest

Things That Did Not Go Well:

  • HT Proposal is taking time.
  • Just 3 months and there is already a change in tutor
  • Fights and arguments among the boys.
  • Arvind and his short-tempered attitude
  • There seems to be lesser interest in the kids about the HT.