Keerthan Thinks like a Teacher!

Agape Center : Self-Worth

Lalit joined the Agape Tuition center this quarter,  While he was quite creative in drawing his Word Frames, he found it very difficult to explain them to others. Keerthan befriended him and helped him with understanding and explaining the word frames. Keerthan said to him  “Lalit, Akka (the program administrator) doesn’t know what you are saying. In order to make her understand you must feel that you’re a teacher, and you should think that Akka is a student and explain it to her like a teacher”. Those words of Keerthans’ encouraged the program administrator a  great deal! Having an understanding of what they are doing and why they are doing it, as well as using that understanding to help others is something we encourage in our kids. It’s great to see that happening over time.