Victory Begins a Step Beyond Insecurity

Arun : Cover Story

It’s beautiful, it smells right, it’s exactly what I thought, it’s easy… Every thing is as smooth as butter, I don’t have to lift a finger and it’s soooooo comfortable.

We know these thoughts and feelings. We know this lifestyle. We love to exist within our LA LA Land.

But we have got to ask those hard questions
1) Do I have insecurities which keep me from taking the next step?
2) Why should I take that step if it’s more comfortable not to?
3) How can I take a step beyond my insecurities?

Before you answer these questions, let’s find out a little more about what’s going on.

What is the meaning of Insecurity?

Security is a beautiful place, it’s a cozy place but, “guess what?”, nothing ever grows there except laziness, anxiety and fear. In other words, it is not a real place; it is an idea created by you.  Sadly, our securities create our insecurities.

Our daily activities won’t make us feel uneasy, disturbed or worried about what might happen tomorrow. Why not? For one, they usually don’t challenge our security. If I can do it then that’s all I’m going to do. If I stay here, I wont fall down and it’s perfectly safe.Imagine you had to stop eating junk food or have to start getting up early in the morning. Not that easy, right? It’s not difficult because it’s hard. It’s difficult because it’s not our normal. Security is simply what’s normal to us, but we can change our normal. We can choose to have a new normal.

Why is it important for you to step beyond your insecurity?

Ask yourself what did you did that not only felt secure but also helped you grow? There are not many; this should ring a bell.
You wanted to learn to ride a cycle. Was it easy? No! Did it feel safe? No! You hurt your knees many times and fell down over and over again. It was far from perfect. It was even farther from secure. Even so, many of us have stood up and tried again and again and again. Guess what, you learned. You might still carry the scars on your knee which will always remind you of that victory in life.

Not all of us can relate to the above example, but we all can agree that if we look close into our lives the great things we have accomplished happened by stepping beyond our security.

Five good reasons to step beyond your insecurity:

  1. You will grow (Think about your Cycle learning experience)
  2. Your security grows stronger. Lets say you feel insecure about public speaking, but you get out there and start doing it. Before you know it, you will be secure in public speaking.
  3. It breaks the security paradox. If you play it safe too long, it eventually gets boring, it troubles you, it can even led to depression and put you in a place of even greater insecurity.
  4. It is motivation and builds momentum. All you have to do is embrace that moment of insecurity and get off that couch. Have a purpose in your actions. Seek growth in yourself and your relationships.
  5. Be an example to those who look up to you. Help them to “Get comfortable with discomfort.” Show them victory in life comes as we step beyond our insecurity.

Victory begins a step beyond insecurity. Just one step. Take that step today.