Workshop on PRA Training in Truth Foundation

Truth Foundation : Health & Social Programs

RCTC ( Reaching community Through Children) is one of the visionary project of Hope Torch , working with children in a systematic way by inculcating social work values by Teaching children on various social issues and its challenges faced by the people, Followed by that we organised Participatory Rural Appraisal   (PRA) training program, for the children from  Truth foundation. they were taught on different tools to reach the community like Transect Walk, Resource mapping Focus Group Discussion  Problem tree analysis. Mr. George welsely  and Ms Priya James  interns at Hope ToRCh from Madras Christian college ( MCCSWD) gave leadership for the Training program. It was very systematic  and well organised and it was very clear to the Children.

Children were eager to know about  various tools and how it can be applied to their life and to the community.  Children walked through the community with a different perspective and able to identify what it has got and able to mark it on a paper. Children could identify how did they spent their time and to have an insight on value of time and to discuss various views through focus group discussion and to  identify causes and effects of social issues with Problem Tree Analysis. children were curious to learn various tools and awaiting to apply what they have learnt through RCTC.